Hey all! This might be the worst edit you've ever seen! But this is my 2. and on another program, my friend Fie and I tried our best to do the edit as good as possible and here it is! The Bean Boozled Challenge!!!!!! Yay!!! By the way, this video had been longer than what we made it too, and also there is some clips where it sounds like one of us is gonna throw up, and to be honest, 3 or more times I really felt like I was getting sick, some of these Jelly Beans literally are disgusting! Damn! I hope you'll enjoy watching our little game here and stay safe!



This video is made by FluffyMixer

The background on this site was inspired by the fluffy unicorns and their magical fur. Unicorns inspire me to stay positive and always think of magical creativity, this one here is what always makes me laugh!