New life - New start

Not everything happens easily, and only 2 months ago I lost my mother to Huntingtons. Things have changed, hopefully into the better, but let's see. The loss of someone is never easy to explain, the pain and all the feelings that's involved in it. But I feel like I can smile some more, not needing to think about how she feels, if she's alone, in pain or sad. Somehow, it makes me feel reliefed to know that, now is all about thinking about how I get running, get started with my education and not think about all the negative things. 

Sometimes, we all have to think about all the positive thoughts and memories, then it doesn't matter how bad your life has been. Like now, I have the worlds most perfect people around, like my boyfriend (seen on the photo). My friend Fie which is an amazing friend, that only deserves the best, and having them beside me helps me think positive. My brother and sister-in-law, my dad and the rest of my family. 

What I'm saying here is, no matter what your life has been giving you, there's always something to smile about, whatever problems you've had, or still have, it only makes you stronger, and you can win and do whatever you want, but only if you fight. 

I found my reason to smile and fight, we all can...


Stay positive. Hjerte


I'm obsessed with the TV show Teen Wolf, and do ship Sterek, but then again not, I love watching videos of it, and this once touched my heart, not just as Sterek, but I literally broke into tears, and even though the editor didn't use Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, then I totally love it! Watch it?

The first time I heard this song, I fell completely in love! And now I'm obsessed with both video and this amazing song that The Killers made, amazing voice, amazing video and just wow!

Credits to Paquim

Fandom? Fangirling etc.

Sooo I'm the girl that tend to change my fandom a lot! Like often! And sometimes I know that it bothers people, my friends, boyfriend and family can't keep up with me, but you know what? I don't care, cause as long as I*m happy then no one can do anything about it. And also I know, that I'm not the only person who does the same as me, watch a show or a movie, fangirl over one in particular and suddenly he is the God of everything. 

But for now, I'm staying as a fangirl of Tyler Hoechlin (28). He's a cast from the TV show, Teen Wolf, he plays the character of Derek Hale and he does the job perfectly! One sexy beast and one sweet douchebag! Once you watch this, then you can't stop loving it, just as well as Supernatural, or other shows. So who is your favorite? And which actor/artist do you just LOVE, and gotta watch more of? Hjerte

This was definately how I felt earlier! Had gotten myself a piece of pie, and suddenly?! My cat Malou, sat there at the table and was eating my pie! Stupid cat! Now I do know from all the time that my cat is a hungry little bastard, eating everything! But.... Pie?! Damn you cat, damn you!

From left to right: Fie F. & Louise Ferrari Petersen
Taken this summer

So you guys!!! If you haven't scrolled through most of the pages! Please do! Got this new and fun Bean Boozled Challenge up! And it was worth all the hard work, I must say though they tasted real bad!

Go check it out on the page "Blog" and tell me what you think?

~ SamGodofEverything

Stay positive - Greetings from


Supernatural - real pain

Sparksfly221 did this video! More than amazing, made me cry since it's so true!

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